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A Service with Port Douglas Mechanical

Why do our Services 'cost so much'?

We are often asked why we don't have a flat quote rate for car services.  Some places do in fact, offer set prices.  You may find while it's cheaper, nothing seems to last quite as well...

Let us explain.  To cut costs, many workshops use a cheaper oil, and often will only briefly look over the car, using the cheapest parts possible.

We just wont do that to your car!  We use the best oil possible, Penrite.  We stock many different Penrite oils, to ensure that the best one possible goes into your car.

Not only that, but all parts are ordered specifically for your car.  This means it is the best product available to work in your car.  There are no standard parts used on various cars, as may be the case in other workshops.

Each vehicle also must pass a 'Service Checklist' that our mechanics follow for each car.  In this way, not only do you get the correct parts and best oil, we can tell you what is likely to need fixing - before it completely breaks and you are left with a car on the side of the road.

Hopefully this goes some way towards explaining why we don't have a set price, and why we are the best people to come to for your Servicing needs!



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