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*Thanks  Port Douglas Mechanical Yet again a great job on my Aprilia RS 250.  Finally i found a  mechanic who treats my pride and joy as if it were   their own. I always get my bike back cleaner and in better condition  than I have  handed it to them even on small replacement part jobs.  Price has been more than reasonable and they have never done more than   was quoted or added any extra nasty surprises that I have experienced   with other mechanics. I received a comprehensive rundown on work  preformed and they also  advised me on what parts I should expect will  need attention next due to  the age and condition of my bike. I highly  recommend them. - Rick, Feb 2018*

*We came to Uwe for a second opinion on our Delica. Despite already being busy, he was very kind and helpful. His kindness cost him nothing but meant everything to us. Id' highly recommend this business to anyone - Uwe will absolutely take care of you and any queries you have regarding your vehicle. The most helpful mechanic EVER! - Katie, Dec 2016*

*I would like to highly recommend Port Douglas Mechanical. We were told to go to a business in town and they were totally unprepared to even look at our car which had a leak in the steering. We went to Google to find someone else and Port Douglas Mechanical not only dropped everything and checked they fixed it on the spot, a simple join had come undone. Thank you so much. And might I add, didn't charge! Never happens now days!!!!!👍 - Val, Sep 2017*

*The best service ever.  Every time I come to Port Douglas and my poor Ducati needs a little love after being in storage, Uwe and the team are ready to help.  Efficient, attentive, friendly and with great knowledge. Would not consider anywhere else. Thanks guys ONCE AGAIN! - Rashan, Nov 2018*

*Best mechanics I have ever come across. Genuinely want to help you without overcharging you like every other mechanic. Great pricing and down to earth people. - Nick, Oct 2018*

Aprilia RS 250

Aprilia RS 250