Additional Information

Here at Port Douglas Mechanical, we want to work wth you to help you stay on the road. There is a lobby group supporting mechanics to be included in the list of essential services.

As such, we are happy to be flexible when working with you and your vehicle.

Some ideas to help:

Immediate tips include asking customers to turn off the heating and air conditioning system, so air is not blowing when the key is turned on and asking that there be no open drinks, straws, food etc in the vehicle.

Other tips include entering the vehicle with gloves on, wiping down the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake and door with cleaning products. 

In terms of customer keys, these can also be wiped down with cleaning products, but it is also people that transmit the virus, not things. The virus can live on things but washing hands frequently, avoiding touching eyes, mouth, face and ears, taking other relevant precautions, cleaning cars as suggested, wearing gloves where possible and using soap and hand sanitisers regularly, are all appropriate precautions to minimise the risk and carry on working.

Please call (4099 3565) or email ( with any questions you have.

Most importantly, keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Car Sanitizer

While driving with your family, keeping the air-conditioning fresh and clean with our aircon service. During this trying time, we have reduced the price to $80 cash.

If you prefer it, we are able to offer a pick up and drop off service at a cost of $100 on top of your final bill. We are able to provide bank details for payment.