Motorcycle Road Worthy Certificate


What is a RWC?

Road Worthy Certificates, or RWC's, are required when registering a motorcycle or scooter, a car, trailer, van etc.  We only do motorcycles/scooters/mopeds.*

To find out the nuts and bolts, click below to be redirected to the official government site.

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Authorised Inspection Station #11390

We are now an official inspection station for motorcycles.

If the motorcycle does not pass the RWC, we offer competetive prices for these repairs.

If the RWC is not passed, you must apply for an unregistered vehicle permit from the QLD Department of Transport to drive the bike to another workshop, or the bike must be towed to the next place of repair.

Unregistered Veichle Permit


A RWC costs $53.20 (inc GST)

We are happy to provide quotes on repairs once the RWC is complete.

* If you require any other RWC, we recommend you give JKC Auto in Mossman a call.